"I am very pleased to have been asked to provide a testimonial regarding my life-changing counselling experience. I was referred to counselling following an emergency mental health assessment at Bro Cerwyn Day hospital. 

"I'm recovering from a very traumatic period of my life which left me with negative and debilitating thoughts and emotions.  I was anxious, depressed, and felt disconnected from my family and friends.  I lacked purpose and enjoyment in life, and certainly had no hopes or confidence in a career and providing a life for myself.

"My first session and initial assessment with my counsellor was via phone in August 2022, from then on via Zoom video meeting. From the beginning my counsellor made me feel important, valued, and I knew that the journey we would walk on would be life changing, she understood that I was in the very early stages of escaping an extremely toxic and abusive environment. 

"For the first time in seven years, I felt safe, in control of the situation and the sessions would be on my terms. My counsellor helped me explore my thoughts and emotions and make sense of why I was thinking and feeling a certain way. 

"I always felt that there was a barrier when trying to discuss problems with friends and family, having a skilled counsellor was invaluable to helping me process these issues.

"By working with a trained counsellor, I gained valuable insight into my thoughts and behaviors, became very self-aware, and reflected daily on my journey and wellbeing. I was given the time and space to work through my problems. My counsellor helped me understand that I had faced several traumatic events from a very young age that impacted me all through my life. 

"This helped me finally understand the root cause of why I felt the way I did, recognized behavior patterns, and changed my perspective on life. I developed new coping skills which empowered me to take steps forward to making positive changes. 

I must truly thank everyone involved in my journey, and especially my counsellor, who is an exceptionally skilled and professional counsellor. I found her to be very genuine and empathetic in how she communicated, listened and in her professional approach to every session. My counsellor used Adlerian Therapy and principles to help me accept myself as an individual. 

"I have become more assertive, my anxiety and depression has decreased, and very importantly, I am able to set healthy boundaries and recognize that self-care is crucial. With the help and guidance received, I now find it easier to manage issues, have effective coping strategies and promote my own wellbeing. 

"Thanks to my counsellor I have realized my true potential, can think clearly again and am able to commence moving forward with my life. I am working towards a counselling qualification, I have a volunteer mentoring role, a career plan in place, I have short- and long-term goals, and have started to enjoy life again."