South Hook LNG Wellbeing Day

Last month, on March 7th, we were delighted to be invited to the South Hook LNG Terminal – a facility responsible for providing around 20% of the UK’s natural gas needs. We were pleased to be joining a Wellbeing Day for teams across the site.

As advocates for mental health, being part of initiatives that prioritise the mental and physical wellness of individuals is always great to see, and we couldn’t be more inspired by South Hook’s commitment to creating a supportive and open work environment.

The Wellbeing Day included activities such as demonstrations on confidently using defibrillators, a visit from an expert physiotherapist, insights from a health nutritionist, an occupational therapist, and our specialist mental health team from Pathway Counselling.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our day at South Hook LNG was the open and honest dialogue about mental health.

It was very positive to see their workforce engage in conversations, and sharing personal experiences and insights into how mental health impacts us all.

The South Hook team demonstrated a remarkable level of understanding and empathy, creating an environment where everyone felt comfortable discussing mental health openly.

From speaking to the staff at South Hook, there was a clear understanding of the importance of breaking down barriers and creating an environment where seeking help is encouraged and supported.

Our visit to South Hook LNG was not just a day of collaboration; it was a celebration of shared values and a commitment to mental health awareness. We look forward to continuing this partnership.